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Everyone can Climb Elbrus

We created the most comfortable conditions for your trip to Elbrus.

Cabins with wood trim and beds, dining, professional chefs, porters, hot showers and wood-fired sauna, electricity, Wi-Fi, mobile communications. If you go to Elbrus on your own, you can set up a tent in camp, take the missing equipment at hire, have a snack at cafe.

Our Elbrus climbing tours have been worked out over the years and use a scheme of smooth acclimatization. Trekking routes are in picturesque places, so you can take unique pictures from Elbrus journey. There are Lite treks for those who just acquainted with the mountains.

We have been working since 2002, and our services are used by russians and foreign companies, the leaders of the commercial mountaineering industry.

Whether you plan climb Elbrus on your own, wish to rest in the mountains or uprise your health, Lakkolit is at your service. We provide full service.

Why choose us?

  • ok 17 years experience
  • ok We know Elbrus in details
  • ok Qualified guides
  • ok Camps at altitude 2500m & 3800m
  • ok Comfortable insulated cabins
  • ok Tasty and healthy food
  • ok Safety: 1 guide per 3 clients
  • ok Travel insurance
  • ok Three climb tour options
  • ok Affordable prices
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В наш прокат приехала обновка


Ходовые размеры 42-45

Теплые пластиковые ботинки для высокогорных восхождений Koflach подходят под любые типы кошек. Двухслойные, съемный внутренник. Идеальны для восхождения на Эльбрус

Как и другое снаряжение для восхождения на Эльбрус, доступны для проката в г. Кисловодск. Справки по телефону: 8(928)013-86-04

Начиная с июня, уже традиционно, прокат будет доступен в Базовом лагере "Лакколит" на поляне Эммануэля, Эльбрус с севера.

Popular Lakkolit camp services

"Ad augusta per angusta!"

Through difficulties to honors!

Elbrusc climbing tours for any choice

Climb Elbrus North route

Group summit climbs, experienced guides, accommodation in cabins, food, transfer

Climb Elbrus North route

Personal guide, free choice of tour dates

Climb Elbrus North route

All Inclusive. A porter will carry your backpack

Climb Elbrus South route

Classic route to Elbrus west summit. Accommodation in Barrels

Elbrus Traverse or Cross

North-South or South-North Traverse. Personal tours only

North Elbrus Trekking

Unique objects, waterfalls, thermal springs, stone mushrooms and labyrinths

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⛺ Lakkolit camp Reviews

Incredible place, incredibly sincere, helpful guys) Now I understand why so many people come back here again and again

Nadezhda, St. Petersburg

Thank! I got great pleasure from everything. The most important thing is a good team, starting from the office staff, driver Michael, chefs in the Base Camp

Tair, Tashkent

This is my third visit to Lakkolit. The 1st was in 2008, 2nd in 2015 and 3rd 09/27/2016. What appeals to me: 1. Prof. guides 2. Reasonableness and slowness in preparing the ascent 3. The camp is constantly improving living conditions

Aldukhov Sergey, St. Petersburg

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