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Lakkolit Base camp at altitude 2500m

Lakkolit base camp at Elbrus north side

Our Base camp is located in an amazing and beautifull valley. It's a blooming alpine meadow in all its pristine beauty. There is the best place for everyone who is going to climb the top of Europe - the twin peaks Elbrus.


Cabins with wood trim and beds, dining, professional chefs, porters, hot showers and wood-fired sauna, electricity, Wi-Fi, mobile communications. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment including warm sleeping bags, climbing shoes, crampons, ice axes, etc. In short, everything you need for climbing Elbrus or comfortable rest in the mountains.

Campimg at Lakkolit camp

At the same time, the camp is able to accommodate over 50 guests, of which more than 30, we will comfortably accommodate in the cabins.


If you go to Elbrus on your own, you can set up a tent in camp. You can use water in the sinks, use toilets, outdoor tables for cooking food. There is a place at which you can gather for dinner and evening gatherings with a guitar. Be calm, your tents will be supervised, and the cows will not be able to harm food or equipment. For an additional fee you can have a snack at cafe, take a hot shower, charge electronic devices, etc.

In cabin. Lakkolit camp

Acomodation in cabins makes to relax more comfortably and not depend from weather. You can stretch out in full growth on the bed which is very problematic in a tent. If you choose accommodation with nutrition, you will completely get rid of the hassle of cooking. For acclimatization or trekking you will receive lunch packages, and when returning to the camp, lanch or dinner will wait you. There is also a cafe.

Sauna at Elbrus north side

Our sauna is undoubtedly one of the highest. What could be more pleasant than relaxing in a real sauna after mountain adventures and climbing? We will preparing the sauna to the right time you need. Birch brooms attached.

Equipment rental

In summer, equipment hire is available at the Lakkolit base camp. In the presence all entire range equipment for climbing Elbrus and trekking. Details in the section "Equipment Hire".


Prices for Base Camp services

Prices for accommodation are indicated in rubles per person by day. Payment is calculated by total number of nights spent.

Name of service Price, RUB
Accommodation in own tent in the camp 250
Accommodation in cabin 800
Accommodation in cabin + sleeping bag 1100
Accommodation in our tent 500
Accommodation in cabin + three meals a day 2400
Accommodation in our tent + three meals a day 2100
Accommodation in your tent + three meals a day 1700
Full breakfast 400
Full lunch 700
Full dinner 500
Transfer to the city (6-7 persons) 8000
One place in car to the city 1000
Sauna (1 hour, up to 6 persons) 3000
Hot shower 200
Porter services (for 1 kg) 200
Phone charging (1 device) 100
Storage of stuff (1 place) 100 / 200
Dining room in Lakkolit camp Climbers in Lakkolit camp

View to Lakkolit camp Cafe in Lakkolit camp In dining room
In cabin. Lakkolit camp Tents in Base camp Tourists in dining room
In cabin. Lakkolit camp Rest with guitar in BC Sauna in Lakkolit Camp
In cabin. BC Coffee in mountains Sauna in Lakkolit BC

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