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Lakkolit High camp at altitude 3800m

Lakkolit High camp at Elbrus

The camp is located in a protected from strong wind spot on the moraine between Mikelchiran and Ullukol glaciers. The glacier located about a hundred steps from camp cabins. It is a start point to ascent will begin. By the way, Rescue Service camp is located near Lakkolit camp.


Camp infrastructure : four cabins for accomodation, kitchen, dining room, toilets. At the same time in the camp cabins can accommodate more than 30 peoples. In the evening there is electricity, which provides an electric generator. Mobile communication is only "Megafon" operator work here.

In cabin High camp

Acomodation in cabins makes to relax more comfortably and not depend from weather. It is unpleasant enough to keep a tent blown by the winds at night, without sleepin and rest. Our shelter camp was created to make ascents comfortable. Save and accumulate energy for the really important - sammit day.

Tourists at camp

If you choose accommodation with nutrition, you will completely get rid of the hassle of cooking. For acclimatization or trekking you will receive lunch packages, and when returning to the camp, lanch or dinner will wait you. We do not cook sublimate food. Only high-quality and natural food.


Prices for High Camp services

Prices for accommodation are indicated in rubles per person by day. Payment is calculated by total number of nights spent.

Name of service Price, RUB
Accommodation in own tent in the camp 300
Accommodation in cabin 1200
Accommodation in cabin + sleeping bag 1500
Accommodation in our tent 700
Accommodation in cabin + three meals a day 3100
Accommodation in our tent + three meals a day 2600
Accommodation in your tent + three meals a day 2000
Full breakfast 500
Full lunch 900
Full dinner 600
Boiling water (5 litres) 250
Porter services (for 1 kg) 200
Phone charging (1 device) 100
Storage of stuff (1 place) 200 / 300
Breakfast before summit day

Lakkolit High camp at moraine In Lakkolit High camp Tent in High camp
In cabin. Lakkolit High camp In cabin. Lakkolit High camp In cabin. Lakkolit High camp
Group briefing in Lakkolit camp Ski-tour group in May Sleepers in cabin
In Dining room. Lakkolit camp Dining room Lakkolit High camp

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